Unfortunate Investing Traits

Napoleon’s definition of a military genius was “The man who can do the average thing when everyone else around him is losing his mind.” What he meant, I think, is that most wars are lost rather than won. The final outcome is driven more by one side’s blunder than the other’s brilliance. One screw up […]

Personal Finance Philosophies

It can happen to you. Job loss, divorce, a string of disastrous investments, succumbing to your emotional flaws, being a victim of fraud, getting hit by a risk you didn’t see coming – to people in good financial shape these tend to be viewed as things that happen “to other people.” But they can happen [...]

Lyrics, Arts and Musical Priorities of Life – LAMPofLife

A new blog linking fabulous expressions and lyrics to comment upon current events, in the process celebrating the lyrics and the lyricist. Ek mood, ek kaifiyat, Geet ka aaina hoti hai. Sahi se labz jod do, nagma saans lene lagta hai. Itni si Umar hoti hai ek gaane ki. Haan, kuchh lamhe barson zinda rehte [...]

Why Sahir Ludhianvi deserves a Nobel Prize for Literature a la Bob Dylan

“Ashqon mein jo paaya tha Wo Geeton Mein Diya Hai Is Par Bhi Suna Hai Ke Zamaane Ko Gila Hai” Would have been Sahir’s response to the technicality, however pertinent, that “creating new poetic expressions within the song tradition” doesn’t count as literature. We appreciate the technical distinction but would rather celebrate Bob Dylan being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature – after all this is what this blog is all [...]

Asmaan pe ab hai Khayyam Saab Aur Zameen Pe Hum

Khayyam saab breathed his last yesterday A music composer who was the soul of poetry – the word that comes to mind for his compositions is tenderness – he stood for the sublime grace and endurance of quality surviving almost five decades including the worst phase of Bollywood music the 80s. his dedication to Jagjit [...]

Sudpack & Kamakshi’s new joint venture plant in Ahemedabad

SÜDPACK has entered a Joint Venture with Kamakshi Flexiprints Pvt Ltd, one of the leading producers of printed flexible packaging materials in India based in Ahmedabad. The Joint Venture is also setting up a new facility nearby Ahmedabad to cater to the maturing packaging needs of the Indian markets with a vast range of products [...]

Pet grooming startup Captain Zack secures $1.5 million in Pre-series A round funding

Captain Zack, a Mumbai based pet grooming startup has secured $1.5 million in Pre-series A round funding, in an aim to increase the brand awareness and marketing. The round was led by Industrialists Kushal Desai and Chaitanya Desai with the participation of Japan Vyas, co-founder of Sixth Sense Ventures who had been an angel investor in the company including Naval [...]

Pet Care Brand Captain Zack Gets $1.5 Mn In Pre-Series A Funding

The funding round was led by industrialists Kushal Desai, Chaitanya Desai, and Japan Vyas. The company plans to use the fresh funds for marketing and brand awareness. With a team of 22, the company is serving across major metros in India Mumbai-based pet grooming startup Captain Zack secures $1.5 Mn in Pre-Series A funding led [...]
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