What Our Clients Say

Mohit LalvaniFounder & MD

When I first met Ketan, it was all about raising equity, and getting a deal done with a success fee attached. As I got to know him better, and deeper into the transaction; I figured that he goes far beyond being a credible investment banker with excellent relationships and sharp financial acumen. In addition to helping us successfully raise funds 2-3 times, he has remained available in helping us prioritise key strategic and cashflow decisions on distribution, HR, finance and marketing. He has helped us navigate business challenges and get consensus from Board of Directors when the company needed to pivot strategies.  Ketan is a not only a trusted advisor/mentor, he is more of a friend and a long term key team member at Captain Zack!”

Manish ReleFormer Citibanker, Founder & CEO

The Panini Team has been able to understand, adapt, and streamline our accounting and finance processes in a short period of time.  They have virtually become an extension of my team, and have been effective in coordinating and collaborating with my sales and operations team to produce optimal financial outcomes.  Offshoring has also enabled me to free up my bandwidth, allowing me to focus on core business areas and geographic expansion.  Senior level support, also serves as a sounding board for me from a tax and compliance perspective.”  

Kushal DesaiApar Industries

“Ketan helped us raise equity funds running a multi-pronged strategy that resulted in bringing into the company good long term investors at a favorable valuation. This exercise was preceded by a well-planned investor relation exercise covering potential investors both domestically and overseas. He remained involved through the entire exercise from start to finish. I would like to wish him the very best in his new endeavors.”  

Namit MalhotraCEO Prime Focus

“Ketan helped us with successfully refinancing our Convertible Bonds. I appreciated the fact that he pro-actively identified the opportunity, was not afraid to challenge us or our thought processes prior to negotiations, and then relentlessly worked on both sides to get a deal done which is highly praiseworthy. I wish lots of luck and success in his new venture.”  

Nishant FadiaCOO Prime Focus

“Ketan helped us raise $86m in a complex transaction involving four – five instruments, tight deadlines, multiple changes in deal structure owing to regulatory issues. His practical inputs were very useful during negotiations, solving deadlocks, and addressing cumbersome procedural requirements.”