VCAAT Advantages for Founders

Cost Efficiencies

  • Non-metro Salaries
  • Cost Sharing
  • Rental & Space Costs
  • Training & Recruitment Costs

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Management & Quality Efficiencies

  • Freeing up of Significant Founder bandwidth
  • CFO for non-finance Founders

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Financial Compliance and Intelligence

  • Experienced oversight of junior resources
  • Saving on Penalties/non compliances costs
  • Integrated view of accounts & finance

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Long Term Financial Strategy Efficiencies

  • Prevents diligence related or compliance related transaction deal breakers
  • Access to Panini Advisory team for financial and strategic sounding board

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Manish ReleFormer Citibanker, Founder & CEO

“The Panini Team knows what is to be done, and they get it done competently with a very positive attitude to work. Offshoring VCAAT to them is effective in more ways than one, and has also significantly freed up my bandwidth, allowing me to focus my energies on the business, which is invaluable”

Additional Benefits for VC and PE Funded Investee Companies

  • Advance Insights and Timely Reports
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Separate Investor related MIS

Additional Efficiencies for larger corporates

Companies with their own finance head and core team can also benefit:

  • Freeing up senior resources for strategic and commercial finance.
  • Cost efficiencies: Lower rentals, overheads and recruitment costs.