About Panini

Panini ( pronounced paa-ni-ni ) was an Indian sage circa 500 BC, who is known to have published the first known rules of grammar in his treatise “Ashtdhyayi”. Centuries later, the 3900 odd rules he formulated continue to be the most comprehensive rules for sustainable and accurate language communication, duly reflected in the fact that even current coding software is known to rely upon them.  

Our Logo

The Triskelion, is a Celtic symbol that holds two major components, motion (action, competition, man’s progress) and triad attributes (mind, body, spirit). In Greek, the term triskelion literally means “three-legged”, appropriately, this sign looks very much like three legs running. All the three legs, protrusions or angles are positioned in such a way that the symbol appears as if it is in constant forward motion. The exact symbolism has meant different things at different points in history, depending upon the era, the region, the culture and the mythology. The celtic symbol as our logo represents not just the progressive motion and layered attributes it stands  

Our Name

Sage Panini is an inspiration for our guiding philosophy that building a business on fundamental financing principles can be the key to sustainability of growth businesses in an era of global competition. He reminds us that getting your financial grammar right, if viewed as a discipline, is instrumental in the sustainable bridging of increasingly globalized financing and operating worlds. 

Our Colours

The shades of Amber have dual connotations. On the one hand, yellow and orange are the colours of the rising sun, denoting positive energy, and the sunrise opportunities we see our clients as, on the business horizon; and on the other, amber is also the colour between red and green in a traffic signal. For our clients, as advisors, we play the role of a guiding light in terms of picking up speed or exercising caution, the advance signal for booming or declining markets.