VCAAT Advantages for Founders

Cost Efficiencies

  • Non-metro Salaries
  • Cost Sharing
  • Rental & Space Costs
  • Training & Recruitment Costs

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Management & Quality Efficiencies

  • Freeing up of Significant Founder bandwidth
  • CFO for non-finance Founders

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Financial Compliance and Intelligence

  • Experienced oversight of junior resources
  • Saving on Penalties/non compliances costs
  • Integrated view of accounts & finance

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Long Term Financial Strategy Efficiencies

  • Prevents diligence related or compliance related transaction deal breakers
  • Access to Panini Advisory team for financial and strategic sounding board

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Additional Benefits for VC and PE Funded Investee Companies

  • Advance Insights and Timely Reports
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Separate Investor related MIS

Additional Efficiencies for larger corporates

Companies with their own finance head and core team can also benefit:

  • Freeing up senior resources for strategic and commercial finance.
  • Cost efficiencies: Lower rentals, overheads and recruitment costs.