ABDC: Access Business Development Consulting

Panini can leverage its reach into over 1000 founders and companies, and an equal number of investors, as well as its sectoral expertise to provide the following business support services:

India Entry Evaluation, Opportunity Mapping, Customer Research & Strategies:

We use our wide reach to (i) provide access to foreign players to potential clients in India for their products or services, or (ii) to fix up appointments at appropriate level to assess demand or (iii) lay of the land overview (iv) regulatory overview through our partners (v) assess size of opportunity and (vi) brainstorm on entry strategies.

Introduction & Business Development:

If you are early stage companies or foreing companies with large revenue products for which you need penetration assistance into larger conglomerates – we could provide you the right connections and access at the right level to showcase your potential, references where relevant and

Commercial Diligence:

If you are planning to acquire an Indian company or invest in them or enter into a business venture with an Indian player, we can provide commercial or accounting diligence services, or reference checks for the same

Bespoke Advisory:

Tell us your thoughts – we will diagnose the problem, and prescribe whats worth checking or doing in the Indian context