Are you a start up seeking start up funding?

Are you an investor looking to co-invest with us and participate in India’s booming Angel Investing and Start Up Funding Ecosystem with investments ranging from INR 2.50 lacs to 25 lacs? The decision of whether to invest or not remains with you in each opportunity, and you get a chance to see the presentation by the Founders prior to your decision. The terms are negotiated by us with them, and the option of participating on those terms is yours.

At Panini, we are looking to angel invest in promising startups or early stage companies that have gone beyond the idea stage. We look to guide them through their navigational challenges before they raise their first round of institutional funding, support them on their regulatory complexities and hold them till they reach a stage where they reach institutional funding. Some of the categories we have invested in include pet grooming and others.

We are open to other co-investors joining us in this journey.

If this is an area of interest please reach out to us at:

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