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Lyrics, Arts and Musical Priorities of Life – LAMPofLife

A new blog linking fabulous expressions and lyrics to comment upon current events, in the process celebrating the lyrics and the lyricist. Ek mood, ek kaifiyat, Geet ka aaina hoti hai. Sahi se labz jod do, nagma saans lene lagta hai. Itni si Umar hoti hai ek gaane ki. Haan, kuchh lamhe barson zinda rehte [...]

Majrooh vs Anand: A numerical analysis in the Gulzar of India’s best Bollywood Wordsmiths

As a man of finance, I can’t shake off my tendency to look at a space “top down” and size it up in numbers. So before coming to individual songs or detailed look at individual Lyricists, here is a quick overview of the Saptak or Totempole of our Wordsmiths and how they stack up. The [...]

Why Sahir Ludhianvi deserves a Nobel Prize for Literature a la Bob Dylan

“Ashqon mein jo paaya tha Wo Geeton Mein Diya Hai Is Par Bhi Suna Hai Ke Zamaane Ko Gila Hai” Would have been Sahir’s response to the technicality, however pertinent, that “creating new poetic expressions within the song tradition” doesn’t count as literature. We appreciate the technical distinction but would rather celebrate Bob Dylan being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature – after all this is what this blog is all [...]

A numerical overview of how Pancham towers in the Saptak of Indian music composers

As a man of finance, have never been able to shrug off my tendency to look at any field “top down” and in terms of numbers. My close association with Bollywood music and Ghazals shows that while everyone has preferences there has been very little attempt to look at composers objectively through the prism of [...]

Asmaan pe ab hai Khayyam Saab Aur Zameen Pe Hum

Khayyam saab breathed his last yesterday A music composer who was the soul of poetry – the word that comes to mind for his compositions is tenderness – he stood for the sublime grace and endurance of quality surviving almost five decades including the worst phase of Bollywood music the 80s. his dedication to Jagjit [...]